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Episode 12: Trademarks – Perception is not reality

Nick talks about trademarks for Float Pod technologies. He discusses in detail how they work and why he trademarked the term float pod. He also discusses strategies of using a descriptive term for a product...
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Episode 11: Love Me Run and Floating

    Camilla Swagger is the Founder of Love Me Run, a matchmaking 5k that just had their first event on April 16th. She has merged dating with running a 5k, to help singles find...
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Episode 10: The Future Of Dance Festivals And Floating

Lyle Maxson with Relentless Beats describes his journey into the dance festival industry. His goal is to integrate a higher purpose into dance festivals for the milenal generation by integrating floating into dance festivals to create...
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Episode 7: Jason Phillips

Jason Phillips discusses with us his personal and entrepreneurial journey from anorexia to grasping towards a world record. Jason is a high­ performance athlete with multiple successful businesses, a flourishing personal life, and a passion for the...
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Episode 5: The 2015 Float Conference

Nick and the True REST / Float Pod team make their way to the 2015 Float conference in Portland. It was on fire with nearly 500 enthusiastic and passionate experts in the float movement. Nick...
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The Power of Salt

Each of our Float Pods contains over 1,000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt – also known as magnesium sulfate. Epsom salt is a natural exfoliant and has been known to treat muscle aches and sore muscles, as well as soothe dry skin. There are a variety of ways Epsom salt can improve your health and your daily life. Here are some of the top benefits of magnesium and Epsom salt: 1. Boosts Magnesium Levels Known as hypomagnesemia, low magnesium levels are more common than you’d think. With just 60 […]

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Zero gravity. Zero distractions. All you.

Did you know that True REST is an acronym? REST stands for Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy. While floating, we are reducing nearly ALL stimuli that our brains are processing constantly. This dramatic reduction in sensory stimuli is what creates a profound shift in pain, stress, and overall mood after just 60 minutes of floating. Face it; in today’s day and age, we are plugged in nearly 24/7. True REST provides a space where we can cut out all the chaos and distraction, and instead, focus on our breath, our relaxation, […]

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Floating: An Athlete’s Secret Weapon

Olympians. Super Bowl Champions. Stephen Curry. Tom Brady. Wayne Rooney. Julian Edelman. What do they all have in common? They float. Repeat national champions like Stephen Curry and Tom Brady are able to out perform the competition with a well-rounded training routine that includes REST and relaxation. They also have a trick up their sleeves – flotation therapy. Over the last several years, floating has been used by a large number of elite athletes to treat various sports-related conditions, aid in recovery, and better manage the stresses in their system. […]

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Floating On Water: Why You Can’t Float At Home

We hear the question all the time, “Why can’t I just float in my tub, pool, or the ocean?” The answer is short; it’s a common misconception that floating in the bath, pool or ocean equates to flotation therapy. You cannot float like this in your tub at home – or even in the ocean. Plain and simple. Here are 6 reasons why Float Therapy is different: Each one of our Float Pods contain 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt in only 10″ of water. This salty solution is so dense […]

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