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Episode 12: Trademarks – Perception is not reality

Nick talks about trademarks for Float Pod technologies. He discusses in detail how they work and why he trademarked the term float pod. He also discusses strategies of using a descriptive term for a product...
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Episode 11: Love Me Run and Floating

    Camilla Swagger is the Founder of Love Me Run, a matchmaking 5k that just had their first event on April 16th. She has merged dating with running a 5k, to help singles find...
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Episode 10: The Future Of Dance Festivals And Floating

Lyle Maxson with Relentless Beats describes his journey into the dance festival industry. His goal is to integrate a higher purpose into dance festivals for the milenal generation by integrating floating into dance festivals to create...
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Episode 7: Jason Phillips

Jason Phillips discusses with us his personal and entrepreneurial journey from anorexia to grasping towards a world record. Jason is a high­ performance athlete with multiple successful businesses, a flourishing personal life, and a passion for the...
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Episode 5: The 2015 Float Conference

Nick and the True REST / Float Pod team make their way to the 2015 Float conference in Portland. It was on fire with nearly 500 enthusiastic and passionate experts in the float movement. Nick...
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A new year, a new you. Float on to feel great.

Come January, gym memberships begin to skyrocket as people get on their post-holiday detox routines and exercise regimens. Health blogs see a jump in their community engagement, wellness companies have a boost in sales and healthy living seems to be a widespread resolution on almost everyone’s list. The New Year has a certain energy about it, it just makes you want to give up those bad habits and turn to healthier choices instead. I believe that in order for us to stay committed to our health goals long term we […]

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Floating: Give the Gift of Weightless Relaxation

Break out the tinsel and the mulled cider because this is the time of year when you can’t help but get a little spirited in your day to day life. Holiday discounts are seemingly everywhere, decorations trim the houses and people are buzzing around like little holiday honey bees in search of that sweet nectar. We zip around town shopping for the perfect gift and many of us spend hours planning and researching for the best and newest products on the market. There just seems to be so much going […]

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The True REST Float Family

The iconic saying “when you’re here, you’re family” may not be Olive Garden’s slogan anymore, but it should be the motto for all of our spa locations. There’s just something special about walking into a True REST and the feeling that you get from the staff and everyone who is there to float. It’s that sense of communal energy that’s been cultivated and we’ve got YOU, our Float Family, to thank for that. Let’s set the scene. You arrive to a friendly welcome from the float consultant who shows you […]

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True REST Float Spa Builds Within LA Fitness Gym

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA – Like grabbing a coffee in a big box retailer or picking up prescriptions in a convenience store, you will soon be able to float at your local gym. With the introduction of True REST Float Spa in select LA Fitness locations, two of the biggest brands in the health industry are collaborating to offer a premier wellness center encompassing both fitness and relaxation.   True REST is the largest and fastest-growing flotation therapy franchise in the world, with a projected 40 locations open by 2019 and […]

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