5 Benefits of Float Therapy

July 20, 2020

No matter your age or occupation, flotation therapy can have a profoundly positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. Whether you’re a mom, business professional, professional athlete or student, float therapy offers a wide variety of scientifically proven benefits including relief from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fibromyalgia, inflammation and chronic pain. Here are the top 5 benefits of float therapy at True REST Float Spa:

  • Stress Relief: The lack of external stimuli is extremely rare in modern society. In the flotation environment, without the hustle and bustle of the world imposing itself, people experience a profound calmness of mind. This respite from the world allows for stress management, offers the psychological benefits of a feeling of inner peace and is a perfect complement to many alternative wellness regimens.
  • Better Quality Sleep: Stress and anxiety are linked to insomnia. Float therapy can provide a better sleep quality by enabling your endocrine and nervous systems reset during a 60-minute float, giving the body a greater capacity to achieve restful sleep outside the float pod. The Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus, PhD, says in his blog post, Can You Float  Your Way To Better Sleep “There is a growing body of research that suggests the practice of float therapy creates a distinct series of physiological and psychological changes in the brain and body—changes that can benefit sleep, health and daily performance.”
  • Pain Relief, Improved Circulation and Reduced Blood Pressure: The near-weightless environment of floating allows for the muscles and joints of the body to relax, increasing blood flow and helps to more quickly repair muscle tissues and heal the body. This is especially beneficial for those with injuries or chronic pain. The float pod environment also alleviates all pressure on your nervous system which allows blood vessels to more fully dilate, reducing blood pressure and maximizing the delivery of blood and oxygen throughout your body. The specialized Epsom salt solution in the True REST Float Pod also replenishes the body’s magnesium.
  • Better Hormone Balance: Several scientific studies have showed significant reductions to the hormone, cortisol after floating. Cortisol is a stress hormone that works with the brain to control mood, motivation and fear. Cortisol also regulates blood pressure, controls sleep, manages how the body uses carbohydrates, fats and proteins, controls inflammation and more.
  • Time to Rest: The low-impact environment gives the body time to rest and recuperate. During this time, the immune system is afforded the opportunity to shift into a higher gear, strengthening the body’s immune response. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems work together in maintain optimal body function. Unconsciously, these systems regulate important bodily functions like breathing, digestion, body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. When this system is out of balance, the body cannot digest food correctly, people lose sleep and face a myriad of physical and emotional challenges. Maintaining homeostasis is critical. In the extremely relaxing float environment, bodily systems are rebooted, and minds are given a fresh opportunity to reset back towards homeostasis.

As with every form of therapy, the benefits of flotation therapy build on themselves over time with each session and the effects can last up to several weeks. Visit any of our True REST Float Spas across the nation to learn why float therapy is relied upon by Olympians, athletes, musicians, celebrities, researchers and everyone in between. Float your way to better physical and mental health in our highly sterilized no-contact facilities.

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