For many families, pregnancy is a beautiful experience. It’s a time where you’re beginning to imagine what life will be like with a new bundle of joy and taking on the greatest adventure of becoming a parent. And although it can be a life-changing experience, with it comes changes to the mind and body. That includes new hormones and growing pains from 9 months of pregnancy. Your back might start hurting; your feet are probably swelling; there’s more pressure on your bones and joints, and you’re hoping that sitting down […]

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Unfortunately, mental health conditions affect a good portion of the population, and it manifests due to the consequences of life. Not everyone addresses these symptoms, however, which creates and prolongs mental health concerns. These can then have adverse effects in other aspects of our daily lives, be it physical health, personal and professional, or relationships we’ve built with others. Mental health isn’t to be taken lightly, especially with its spectrum of severity—it’s the most important reason why it should be addressed rather than overlooked.  But with that said, it’s also important to note that it’s much easier said than done when it comes […]

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Have you ever taken a moment to close your eyes and tune out the world around you? Maybe you’ve breathed in deeply and tried to cut out the noises, intending to focus on your thoughts and the internal components of your body? While doing so doesn’t completely discharge our senses—after all, there are five in total, and even if you ignore one, most likely another is heightened—it’s a small experience of what complete sensory deprivation is like. But you might be wondering why anyone would consider cutting off their senses. […]

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On Sunday, the Big Game is as much of a mental feat as it is physical for every athlete involved. While we get to sit at home and enjoy the plays and celebrate the wins and losses, athletes have spent an excessive amount of time preparing for one of the most talked-about, observed and well-known football games of the year. Which leads to several questions, including how are athletes at the top of their game when preparing for one of the biggest games of their career? Float therapy. After long […]

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Doctors have used integrative medicine to treat the mind and body for generations. Epsom salts have been a part of this development, adopted as a well-known resource to aid in various health and wellness treatments. Epsom salts are an affordable and easy-to-use solution to over-the-counter medications or expensive treatment options for ailments such as muscle soreness and stress. Natural Medicinal Properties Magnesium sulfate, a compound of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen, is already found in the body, making it a more natural, non-evasive remedy to common body ailments. The set of […]

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January, the month we usually associate with setting our personal and professional goals for the year, is also International Creativity Month.  Burnout and mental fatigue are at an all-time high after all the hardships we’ve faced during the past year. Before we set our goals for the year ahead, we must take the time to allow our brains to reset.  An hour-long float in a True REST Float Pod can help you find that rest while also enhancing your creativity, learning and memory. The Importance of Downtime Have you ever […]

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