Back to School Ain’t Just for Kids: Setting a Fall Routine for Optimal Health

October 12, 2016

The end of Labor Day weekend brings with it a collective mindset shift this – the end of summer, the official date to pack away your white pants, and most famously, the start of a fresh school year.

Whether you’re driving carpool or not, Back to School season is a cultural touchpoint for everyone, signaling a time to settle back into the day-to-day routine. The Type A list-makers in your life may thrive with that kind of structure, but getting back into the swing of things isn’t so simple for us mere mortals.

Been lax on your gym habit? Need to reestablish that pre-vacation bedtime? Dreading a diet that doesn’t include regular poolside piña coladas? True REST is here to help…

Get Specific: Setting vague goals is the best way to achieve mediocre results. Instead, focus on a routine you can literally count on – think minutes per week you plan to work out or servings of veggies to add to your dinner plate. Research shows that goals are most often achieved when they’re clear, easy to track, and focused on adding healthy behaviors (rather than reducing unhealthy ones). Keep it fun, keep it fixed, and keep it accountable.

Start Slow: You may be mentally prepared to jump back into your schedule full-throttle, but your body needs some time to adjust. If it’s been a few months since you’ve tackled a full task list, don’t plan to get back to 100% right away. Boost your morale and prep your mind, body, and spirit by setting simple goals first, then ramping up later. By achieving smaller feats early on, you’ll feel more psychologically prepared when facing a tougher challenge pops up down the road.

Mark Your Calendar: Ever hear that you can form a new habit in 21 days? Turns out that’s a little misleading – simple habits can be developed in a few weeks, but more difficult routines can take a few months to gel. To get over the new habit hump, set an appointment for yourself. Add workouts, weekly meal plans, and “me time” to your calendar as you would any other meeting. Before you know it, booking yourself will feel like second nature.

Plan for Recovery: Specific, easy goals added to your daily schedule. Sounds simple, right? Anyone that’s failed to follow through on a New Year’s resolution can tell you that any changes to your lifestyle can feel physically and mentally taxing. Muscle pain, psychological overload, and spiritual exhaustion commonly derail even the most well-intentioned routines. You can work in separate services to soothe each ailment, or knock out all of your habit-busting excuses in one fell swoop with a trip to the float spa. By taking an hour to float, you allow your mind and body to hit the reset button, gaining energy, mental clarity, and shaking off any aches and pains that keep you on the sidelines.

From single sessions to floating memberships, True REST makes scheduling for success a walk in the park.

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