3 Float Therapy Myths

December 1, 2015
Here are a few common comments or concerns we have heard in our spas…if you have an additional question, please leave it as a comment!


1. “I already do this in my bath”


Epsom Salt baths are awesome. But, they’re a far cry from float therapy. Even if you do add 1,000 lbs of Epsom Salts into your tub, there are other factors contributing to float therapy’s impact, including:




The constant force of gravity we experience is counteracted while floating in the Float Pod, allowing the spine to decompress and the muscles and pressure points of the body to deeply relax. This weightlessness is a powerful tool for pain relief—the Pod can be a pain free environment after several sessions.


Water Temperature:


The Float Pod heats the water within to 93.5 F—the average temperature of the outside of human skin. This creates a solution which the brain does not distinguish from the body’s own boundaries while floating—with less stimulus, even that from sensing temperature differences—the brain is able to relax more deeply.


Minimized Light and Sound:


For every client’s comfort, the Float Pod features optional lights and the ability to play and control music. However, with light and music off—the pod is dark and quiet, allowing maximum reduction of stimulus on the over-stimulated brain and the deepest levels of relaxation.




Floating is a solo activity requiring no outside interaction. A typical float is an  entire hour, all to yourself. The removal of possibilities of being bothered, judged or having to answer to people or circumstance release the subtle stress of anticipation that we live with in the outside world.


2.  The First Float Describes All Floats


Even a single float is wonderful. But, though it is effortless, floating, like anything, improves with “practice”. Our minds bodies will experience deeper levels and cumulative benefits as we continue to show up for floats. Just as tension and pain did not form overnight, floating is a therapy—and the most benefits will be experienced with regular use.


With regular practice, floating truly hones your ability in the art of letting go. Life is always in motion, and thus our need to release our tension, both physical and mental is not at its most effective as a one time deal.


2. I am claustrophobic and would dislike floating


True REST is proud to use Float Pods in each of our locations. Our mission is to make the benefits of floating accessible and available for everyone. Because of this, our pods provide lights (in different colors!) allow you to enjoy music—ours or your own—and you may choose to leave your pod lid open, partially closed or closed. The lid is on hydraulics and opens easily—so you can customize your session to your preferences throughout.


Many of our clients come in with worries about feeling claustrophobic, but rarely decide to pass on the relaxing experience of floating. We think you might be surprised how spacious a float can feel!


Have any other questions or concerns about floating? Leave us a comment!

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