Whether it’s your 1st float or your 1000th, little details can make a big positive difference in your session. If you’re not using them already, consider implementing the following “pro-tips” into your float routine.   1. Take a –Warm- Shower The water in our Float Pods is purposefully heated to match the outside of the temperature of your skin (~93.5 degrees). This temperature is chosen to allow for the least amount of stimulus/distraction to the brain from the sensing of the water. If you’ve floated already, you have likely already […]

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Medication seemed, for years, as the singular go-to for “healing” ailments of all kinds—often targeting the symptoms of our discomfort: numbing pain, masking anxiety and “knocking us out” at night.   A large majority of our clients have been looking for health and wellness through preventative and natural, holistic means which address the root of pain or other dis-ease. Holistic therapies believe that wellness isn’t just being free of symptoms, but is just as powerful—a vibrant state all its own, in the opposite direction of illness.   This isn’t an […]

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Here are a few common comments or concerns we have heard in our spas…if you have an additional question, please leave it as a comment!   1. “I already do this in my bath”   Epsom Salt baths are awesome. But, they’re a far cry from float therapy. Even if you do add 1,000 lbs of Epsom Salts into your tub, there are other factors contributing to float therapy’s impact, including:   Weightlessness:   The constant force of gravity we experience is counteracted while floating in the Float Pod, allowing […]

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We are excited to announce the opening of the 2nd True REST in Arizona! Congratulations to Chuck and Rene Russell, who just had their first week open in Northern Arizona, at True REST Sedona.     True REST Sedona is the first Kiosk model to open within the brand, and features 2 brand new Float Pods and an oxygen bar. After opening July 2nd to the public, the latest addition to the True REST family has been off to a great start!     True REST Sedona is the first […]

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