Here we are, at the end of January, 2016—if you’re like many of us, you may have made resolutions—maybe you’ve kept them, or maybe you’ve slipped up (what are you, human?!)   What does it mean to resolve, anyways? According to Webster, when we resolve we make a “firm determination” to do something. In other words, we make a real decision—we cut off other alternatives, and in doing so, truly choose.   The resolutions we ring in with the new year come in all shapes, colors and sizes—from working out, […]

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Photo Credit: Steven Pisano on Flickr I floated again yesterday, this time for an hour. One reason I love to float is that I get to lose my pain. Not only for the length of the float, but for days after. As you get older, one of the things you notice is that things start to hurt. The hurt can be nothing big, just a series of small aches and pains. It’s most noticeable when you first get up in the morning, or the day after you’ve done something athletic […]

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Floating is a practice. As with any learned experience, it is tempting to take on an attitude of knowing what to expect as we return. But, floats are always shifting—and they are primarily an art of letting go. On days we arrive to float with this expectation of knowing what to expect, we may actually feel held back from our deepest experiences and levels of relaxation. Floating is described as “effortless”, but with our mental powers this description comes with a bit of irony. The greatest hindrance to relaxing is […]

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Before a new True REST Float Spa opens to the public, there’s a week of soft launch for working the kinks out and training the staff. This “friends and family” float time gives us valuable feedback on how we can improve from people who care enough to offer it. I floated last Friday as part of the soft launch of the new Scottsdale spa. For this visit, the team was doing a simulation of what the float experience would be for a first-time floater. The first-time experience is incredibly important, […]

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When I first began floating, I didn’t have any benefit in mind. I just wanted to experience for myself the “weird” sounding therapy—I wasn’t even aware of the range of offerings it might have for me. My anxiety and panic attacks were just a part of my reality that I had gotten used to—mild panics and mental breakdowns were just another part of the day.   It would unfold as so:   *queue situation I perceive as awkward*—my face flushes, heart pounds, breathing constricts, thoughts race—subsequent fight or flight unfolds […]

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Flotation is unlike just about every other “activity” out there.  In fact, it’s really more of an “inactivity”—but as anyone who floats knows, this flavor of “doing nothing” offers far more than the phrase would imply. We hear the benefits and experiences—that extensive list that science continues to validate through their studies—we see the testomonials,

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