Choose to Feel Great in 2016…

December 29, 2016
Here we are, at the end of January, 2016—if you’re like many of us, you may have made resolutions—maybe you’ve kept them, or maybe you’ve slipped up (what are you, human?!)


What does it mean to resolve, anyways? According to Webster, when we resolve we make a “firm determination” to do something. In other words, we make a real decision—we cut off other alternatives, and in doing so, truly choose.


The resolutions we ring in with the new year come in all shapes, colors and sizes—from working out, to eating better, worrying less—or reconnecting with those we’ve missed for too long.


Despite their differences, there is a common core to each of these promises and vows we make—feeling better. 
We all tend to seek pleasure and avoid pain (who wouldn’t?), and what we believe will improve our lives inevitably stems from our desire to feel better.


What if you could go straight to the source of feeling better?


What if in feeling better we live better? What if by improving how we feel from the inside, the outside falls more into place? I’ve found that the better I feel in my core, the more apt I am to hike that mountain, choose the vegetables, stress less and call an old friend.


At True REST our tagline is: “The Science of Feeling Great”.


There was simply no better way to put what floating can do for you. Just like our resolutions, floating’s impacts are as various as it’s participants—but stem from the same common core: feeling better.


Flotation is deceivingly simple—what can floating in 10 inches of water with 1,000 lbs of Epsom Salts do for you, anyways? You’re not the first to question—but have you tried it yet?


It turns out—a whole lot. We so rarely touch true relaxation—a state equally as powerful as our most stress filled action (fight or flight, anyone?)


But when we do—we give our bodies a chance to do what they do best, given the proper tools: heal. With floats we can recalibrate—releasing the physical tension that has come from our mental stress, slowing production of those stressful hormones that we’ve gotten too used to producing.


Within a few floats, many of our clients touch a level of relaxation that may not have been previously experienced. It’s been long known that deep relaxation is a positive move for your health—physically, mentally and emotionally. Floating makes relaxing nearly impossible to avoid.


Then there’s that whole “gravity” thing. Gravity is a huge deal! It’s pushing down on you night and day—taking a toll on your bones, muscles and enhancing pain in your body. Floating grants you a space in which the impact of gravity is counterbalanced—and you can escape its affects.

An hour without from something you’re always living with offers not only an awesome experience, but lasting (!), natural pain relief that our client’s swear by.


Don’t forget the 1,000 lbs Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) in each of our Float Pods. Epsom Salts have been known for centuries for their pain and tension relieving properties. It’s frequently said that Magnesium, in addition being a crucial mineral for bodily function, also promotes calm and relaxation. It’s also toted as a top nutrient deficiency. Time to fill up with  a float!


This year, don’t kick yourself for slip-ups, or beat yourself up for perceived failures when it comes to resolutions—that won’t get you anywhere. Instead, consider choosing to feel better, to take care of you, first.
Choose to make the time (and you will have to insist on it) for doing what makes you feel better in your mind and body—and witness how it can change your life and impact those around you. We can help!


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