Making the Time for Ourselves in the Midst of Life.

September 18, 2015

As a team member of True REST, I especially have no reason to miss my weekly float. But, still there come times where I realize its been several weeks since I entered into the salt-filled oasis of a Float Pod.

Its disconcerting, I’m fully aware of how much I love to float—and not just for the experience itself, but for the effects it has on me in the week to follow—mentally, physically and emotionally.

I wonder why I so easily skip over spending time doing something I know I value–for just over an hour, at that!

After all, 60 minutes of floating does nothing if not prep me for the remainder of my week—I leave the Float Pod more efficient, ready to work, more creative and having let go of the little annoyances that didn’t actually matter.

Surely I’m not the only one struggling to put my energy—whether that be time, money, attention—or all three—where my value is.

I’ve come to the realization—and perhaps this happens to you, too—that I get swept up in the mind’s world.

I think its a matter of inertia. I get  caught in the sheer motion of living busily, and from this stream of action it takes a gentle discipline to allow me to show up and slow down.

My mind is oriented around more, more, more—but on a deeper level, I know there’s much to be said about less. Less stress, obligation, worry, tension, distraction, stimulation…the list goes on.

This knowing never fails to dawn on me as soon as I recline into a long overdue float.

The warm water hugs me as I lean back—as my head gently bobs into the surface of the water an audible “Ahh” and clear thought comes through: “Wow. This is just what I’ve needed.”

This is how I recognize those things in my life which hold immense value, yet become neglected—by the inevitable feeling  of “why didn’t I do this sooner?”.

As counter intuitive as it once seemed, I now know it takes discipline for me to remember self-care. But oh—how I am rewarded for this “discipline”.

Just because we value something, doesn’t mean resistance and friction won’t be present as we choose to hit the brakes, slow down, and pause—ceasing motion.

In fact, no viagra for men online matter how subtle, the friction is inevitable in going from movement to non movement.

Awareness is a powerful tool in transforming our behavior—once we see something about ourselves, it is easier to modify.

I’m  aware now that it is only natural to get caught in the inertia of living. I’m no longer expecting to naturally make time for my self-care—without a bit of self-prompting. I can imagine, as any habit, it gets easier—but for now, I will consciously ensure I make time to stop.

Even if it feels I’m far “too busy” (a tell tale sign that it is most important to stop)

Please show value and gratitude for yourself, especially this season, not only by knowing what you are thankful for, but acting on it, too.

Find what nourishes you, and expect to make the time for your own well-being. Know that we will undoubtedly have to consciously make the space to pause—we will experience resistance, but must choose anyways. 

You are always worth it—and all areas of your life will thank you for it.

Photo Credit: Take Back Your Health Conference on Flickr

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