Congratulations to True REST in Sedona, AZ!

February 10, 2015


We are excited to announce the opening of the 2nd True REST in Arizona! Congratulations to Chuck and Rene Russell, who just had their first week open in Northern Arizona, at True REST Sedona.


True REST Sedona is the first Kiosk model to open within the brand, and features 2 brand new Float Pods and an oxygen bar. After opening July 2nd to the public, the latest addition to the True REST family has been off to a great start!


Beautiful natural light, thoughtful design and a variety of Himalayan Salt and Selenite Lamps create a soothing ambiance for the common areas.


We can’t wait to come float in what was already one of our favorite places! Next time you’re up in the Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ, be sure to stop by and see Rene, Chuck and their team for pain relief, relaxation and better sleep.

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Congratulations, again, to Rene, Chuck and their team! For the latest on the Sedona True REST,  “Like” them on Facebook.

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