We Love Your Quotes on Floats!

February 27, 2015


If you’ve floated at True REST Tempe you’ve likely seen it—sitting there in the middle of our relaxing Oasis room, looking simple enough.

But, beyond the cover of our Guest Float Journal lie some of the most beautiful, poetic, honest and inspiring passages we’ve ever seen.

Here are just a taste of the awesome entries tucked away in our True REST Visitors Journal, Vol I.

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“So thankful that I stepped out of my  comfort zone and into the total relaxation of the float. Time is endless—and short—in this experience.

“I am writing this fully present.”

“Dear Friend—after my float I am speechless. There are no words that can describe how positive and light I feel. ”

“I feel good—the kind of good I haven’t felt in a long time.”

“There’s just something in that float that sets me free.”

“A baptismal experience. I left my thoughts and went for a walk. “

“My days are filled with noise, it was nice to let my mind be free of everything.

“Migraine is gone! Its unreal! I am ADHD and was shocked to find that I could remain still for the full time. This was so cool!”

“I’m hooked. This is exactly what I needed and have been searching for. Thank you. ”

“2 protruding discs, 1 bulging. I felt relief! I will be back. It took away my headache and allowed me to crack my spine in places I was not able to.”

“A magnificent journey inside…where the light is”

“Wow—this was the most amazing experience! I felt no pain—finally. ”

Magical is the best word I can come up with about the float experience. I <3 this place.”

“Like laying on a giant slab of jello and being totally relaxed”

“Thank you for providing this to those who wish to go further within to find out who they really are”

“Give yourself this beautiful gift more often”


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