Whether you come from a family of naturopaths, a long line of medical school grads, or you were regularly instructed to just “walk it off,” you probably noticed a bag of Epsom salts stashed in the medicine cabinet growing up. They may have been pulled out for the occasional foot soak, but the home remedy superstar probably didn’t get the type of regular use it deserves. There’s a reason mom always kept a salt supply handy – everyone from the high school track coach to the World Health Organization recommends […]

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We all face those weeks from time to time, and last week was one of them for me. With a move, a holiday, and several looming deadlines, I felt the stress of a mile-long to-do list in my mind, my body, and my spirit. I decided to book a session at True REST later in the week, expecting a float would purge both my stressed energy and my tense shoulders. I settled into my pod with the manic spirit of a woman who had been spent a week running on […]

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The end of Labor Day weekend brings with it a collective mindset shift – the end of summer, the official date to pack away your white pants, and most famously, the start of a fresh school year. Whether you’re driving carpool or not, Back to School season is a cultural touchpoint for everyone, signaling a time to settle back into the day-to-day routine. The Type A list-makers in your life may thrive with that kind of structure, but getting back into the swing of things isn’t so simple for us […]

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Hollywood has a fascination with floating. Without research to back up health claims until recently, for years it was considered a niche hobby for the hippy crowd…and ripe material for the sci-fi set. Floating’s most famous movie adaptation came in the 1980 horror hit Altered States. The film’s star, a professor of abnormal psychology, utilizes flotation to enhance his use of a natural psychedelic drug. The combination of the drug trip and float tank result in a distorted reality that becomes more and more permanent, ultimately threatening to transform the […]

Float like a butterfly? Today’s top athletes are utilizing flotation therapy to float like a champion. Aly Raisman, a two-time Olympic gymnast with a gold medal from Rio already in the bag, recently discussed flotation therapy as a part of her training program: “You literally float in salt water for an hour or so. That stuff is really crucial because you have to find ways to rest.” Turns out she’s in good company – elite athletes have been floating their way to greatness for decades, citing both physical and mental […]

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“I can’t remember a day without pain in more than a decade…until I went to the float spa.” When we met Tammy, a medical condition had left her with chronic pain. Online research had led her to True REST and, like many people who arrive looking for relief, she was cautiously optimistic. The results of her first float? We’ll let Tammy tell you herself… In Tammy’s case, an hour in the pod offered her relief in ways that a laundry list of medications could not. How can a simple, all-natural […]

When was the last time you worked through lunch? Missed a workout? Skipped your weekly bubble bath? We often add time for ourselves on the to-do list, but somehow those tasks are still left without a check mark at the end of the day. When the surprises of daily life pop up, me-time tends to take a backseat. Some may view mental health breaks as unnecessarily indulgent or selfish – even when they’re vital to meet the needs of demanding careers, hectic family schedules, and active social lives. So how […]

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Whether it’s your 1st float or your 1000th, little details can make a big positive difference in your session. If you’re not using them already, consider implementing the following “pro-tips” into your float routine.   1. Take a –Warm- Shower The water in our Float Pods is purposefully heated to match the outside of the temperature of your skin (~93.5 degrees). This temperature is chosen to allow for the least amount of stimulus/distraction to the brain from the sensing of the water. If you’ve floated already, you have likely already […]

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