Letting Go Through Control.

December 26, 2015


A common concern which arises before a first float relates to control—at True REST we’re proud to offer an experience which allows each client to control every aspect of their session, from music to lighting to choosing whether or not their Float Pod® lid is open or closed.

But, in addition to these added options, flotation therapy itself already offers an experience in which we have much greater control than in our daily lives.

This unique offering of control and the solo nature of floats sets flotation apart from many other activities, therapies and modalities.

REST’s commitment to eliminating stimulation and distraction while in the Float Pod is a huge component of feeling in control of the float experience; floating offers no external surprises, no people to impress, no interaction, no judgement—none of the chaos we face in day to day life.

We feel at ease and more secure when we’re in control. The paradox of the matter is that when we feel most in control, we are able to let go to the greatest degree, too.

When we let go amazing things happen—our bodies can do their day job (healing), our hormones can balance, our stress can melt away, our mind’s constant chatter can release its grip.

Floats are a safe environment to truly and fully let go of tension, stress, worries and anxieties and to relax deeply, while reaping the benefits of taking this time to remove the chaos—and gravity—from our lives.

As creatures wired for survival we may exert much energy trying to find control and security in our lives–though in the vulnerable nature of life this security is never truly solid.

Yet this desire to feel safe is part of out nature. Floating allows us to nourish and comfort that part of ourselves that wishes to let go, but also—understandably—needs to feel safe to fully do so.

The pod has often been compared to a feeling of being in the womb—floating peacefully in water and, perhaps most profound: experiencing the security and safety offered by this haven outside of life.

Have you floated yet? Contact your local True REST to book an appointment, and come experience the Science of Feeling Great™.

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