What Are You Afraid Of? Float Away Claustrophobic Fears at True REST!

December 25, 2016

This Halloween, we’re busting your floating fears! Last week we talked water purification and this week we’re tackling another new client concern: Claustrophobia.

We hear it all the time from first-time floaters (especially those that have a few viewings of Altered States under their belts). How big are the pods? How do the doors work? There’s no WAY I could float – I’d feel trapped!

Our first piece of advice to ease anxiety? Just lay back and relax! Float Pods are designed for clients of all shapes and sizes to float comfortably. Clients may feel themselves float to one side of the pod while they settle into a float, but after a few deep breaths, you’ll feel calm and centered, both physically and mentally.

Even the most nervous claustrophobes find peace in the pod. Floating effortlessly on top of skin-temperature water with eyes closed, the mind no longer works to orient the body, creating a feeling of weightlessness. In fact, without gravity’s grounding effect, most clients experience a sensation of floating in a vast space. So much for feeling closed in!

Before we bust this myth entirely, researchers at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research are looking at the relationship between claustrophobia and floating. According to early findings, flotation therapy can aide in the treatment of anxiety, even noting that claustrophobic patients report less worry with regular sessions.

Still not convinced? True REST has you covered…or uncovered, if you prefer. The Float Pod technology you find in every single True REST location is completely customizable, ensuring that every client has total control over their float experience. Pod doors utilize easy-open hydraulic arms, which accessible handles both inside and outside the pod. This allows our clients to leave the door open throughout the entire float, or even open and close the door mid-float to ensure total comfort.

Additionally, music is set to each clients’ preferences, pod lights are within reach at all times, and an intercom is available for clients to speak directly to float consultants at any time during their float. No matter the concern, True REST is there to assist every step of the way.

Along with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we’re here to cast all of your float fears aside. What are you waiting for? Call your local True REST to ease anxiety and float your way back to your best self.

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