Looking to make a life change in 2017? No matter your resolution, flotation therapy can give you the physical, mental, and creative boost you need to reach your goal with ease. Get In Shape: Trying to keep up with a new gym regimen? The Epsom salts used for floating have been proven to help heal sore and injured muscles by relaxing the body, reducing lactic acid build up, and naturally realigning the spine. The sec
Here we are, at the end of January, 2016—if you’re like many of us, you may have made resolutions—maybe you’ve kept them, or maybe you’ve slipped up (what are you, human?!)   What does it mean to resolve, anyways? According to Webster, when we resolve we make a “firm determination” to do something. In other words, we make a real decision—we cut off other alternatives, and in doing so, truly
“How can sitting in a dark salt bath be therapeutic? I’ll just fill my bathtub with Epsom Salts and call it a day.” Anyone who has tried to describe flotation therapy to the uninitiated is familiar with those dismissive retorts. An all-natural, wonderfully simple holistic therapy that boasts a wide range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits? Sounds too good to be true. Not to Dr. Justin Feinstein, a ne
When was the last time you worked through lunch? Missed a workout? Skipped your weekly bubble bath? We often add time for ourselves on the to-do list, but somehow those tasks are still left without a check mark at the end of the day. When the surprises of daily life pop up, me-time tends to take a backseat. Some may view mental health breaks as unnecessarily indulgent or selfish – even when they’re vital to mee
I’ve never been described as a “sound sleeper.” Even in high school, I was the last to turn out the lights each night and the first to shuffle out of bed in the morning, making a fresh pot of coffee in a misguided attempt to replace the hours of sleep I consistently lacked. I hadn’t mentioned my tenuous history with my pillow when I was first introduced to float therapy by Mandy Rowe, a member of the True R
This Halloween, we’re busting your floating fears! Last week we talked water purification and this week we’re tackling another new client concern: Claustrophobia. We hear it all the time from first-time floaters (especially those that have a few viewings of Altered States under their belts). How big are the pods? How do the doors work? There’s no WAY I could float – I’d feel trapped! Our first piece of ad
Portland played host once again to the industry’s Float Conference, a chance for float fans near and far to come together. With a schedule full of presentations by scientists, artists, healthcare professionals, and float gurus, it was a banner year for the annual conference. True REST took full advantage of the opportunity by inviting the entire team, from franchisees to corporate support, for a weekend full of e
“Self care” has recently become modern society’s newest buzzword du jour. A quick web search for the term begets over 31 million results with articles that cover everything from managing chronic medical conditions, to finding work-life balance, to putting anxious minds at ease with encouraging quotes. Generally speaking, the agreed upon definition of self care is any deliberate, self-controlled action taken t
Customization: That’s the theme that winds through every aspect of a True REST floating experience. Each True REST Float Pod is developed with the understanding that no two sessions are exactly the same. The lighting installed in each pod is no exception – users can individualize each float by basking in a preferred colored light, or cycling through a calming rainbow of options without interrupting the session.
This Halloween, we’re busting your floating fears! One of the top questions we hear has to do with the cleanliness of our Float Pods. REST assured! True REST Float Pods not only meet, but exceed national standards from the Float Tank Association of America. In fact, regular testing shows that our pods are more sanitary than your pool or hot tub. Here’s how we make sure YOUR health always comes first… Pod Puri