True REST Float Spa’s director of franchising, Mandy Rowe, sat down for a live-streamed episode of the Pillars of Franchising podcast to discuss float therapy and the experience of owning a float spa franchise. She answers live audience questions and shares what inspired her health and wellness industry journey. Mandy’s experience as a holistic therapy industry liaison and member of the Float Tank Association makes her not only a great expert in the field of float therapy but integral to fostering the success of each True REST Float Spa franchise. […]

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Mandy Rowe, director of franchising at True REST Float Spa, recently joined Jack Monson at Social Geek Radio for an exclusive, one-on-one interview about floatation therapy, entrepreneurship and franchising. She shares her unique experience at True REST Float Spa, why it’s important for mental and physical health, and how Navy Seals inspired sharing the benefits of floating with the public. Rowe’s involvement in the brand started because of the compelling story of Navy Seal friends who utilized float therapy to help them with sleeping, PTSD and language learning by streaming audio tracks that […]

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