August 5, 2015

Episode 3: Dr. Dan on Floating, Psychedelics and Depression

Dr. Dan takes us through his epic journey of self discovery ranging from his time as a clinical psychiatrist, to the rainforests of Peru to discover and research sacred medicine, to encountering deep depression. He re-lives his journey in vivid detail and introduces Floating as a safe alternative to other clinical therapies.

Dr Dan Engle

Dr. Dan Engle

Time Stamped Bullet Points:

  • 00:43 – Dr. Dan and his post float glow.
  • 01:27 – Floating is an inherent yes.
  • 02:32 – Dr. Dan describes the float he just experienced.
  • 04:05 – The float is a reflection of how active and on the go Dr. Dan has been lately.
  • 05:18 – What does Dan get out of a float, from float to float.
  • 06:28 – How does Dr. Dan normally relax, what are other tools his uses.
  • 07:50 – Dan expands more about his float and riding the column of energy.
  • 08:35 – The re-birthing experience and tranquility.
  • 09:55 – Nick discuss the future of floating as a technology.
  • 11:22 – The pod is a laboratory to come back into re-created self and talks about the two way intercom for hypnotherapy sessions.
  • 13:08 – Emotional trauma re-engagement explained.
  • 14:45 – Floating can bring people back to a greater sense of oneness.
  • 14:58 – Nick talks about injured marine and how floating helped with pain and PTSD.
  • 16:10 – After 6 floats pain relief was extreme with no pain in pod during float. Nick talks about loading period with pain relief.
  • 17:38 – One 90 minute float eliminated withdrawn symptoms.
  • 18:18 – Dr. Dan explains sympathetic overdrive with PTSD.
  • 19:00 – Dan talks about ceremony with psychedelic medicine.
  • 20:40 – Why does mother-nature have a negative stigma with medicine based treatments.
  • 23:00 – Ceremony makes you face your s**t.
  • 23:55 – Psychedelics are an integrating experience while drugs are a disintegrating experience.
  • 26:00 – The mystical experience is difficult to describe.
  • 27:38 – Meditation is like the Float Pod, it just goes with everything.
  • 29:48 – Dr. Dan talks about going too far with ceremonies without integration and entering into a depression state.
  • 31:18 – Psychiatry and Tree of Life; Medical Director.
  • 32:15 – Going deep with Ayahuasca
  • 35:40 – Recommendation for those with behavioral addiction
  • 36:35 – 40 ceremonies in 60 days. Drinking from the fire hose of mania leading to depression.
  • 39:45 – Dr. Dan talks about upgrading to a new cosmic operating system.
  • 41:20 – Living in a tent at Grace Grove.
  • 43:10 – Re-framing situations as a choice.
  • 44:50 – Staying on the path and cultivation of faith.
  • 46:10 – Can depression and mania be cured?
  • 46:40 – How does a Mom of three deal with depression? Medication is reasonable, but for a specific period of time.
  • 49:46 – Their is no downside to floating. Try it!
  • 50:35 – Do your research on psychedelics. Many have 83% cure rate and are beginning stage three trials.
  • 52:38 – The government doesn’t mind if you are on drugs, they just want you on their drugs.


Key Points:

  1. Do what works for you to relax. Try floating, meditation, grounding, swimming or being with nature.
  2. The Float Pod can step people into a traumatic event, in a safe environment, to re-approximate and re-frame trauma.
  3. Floating is a tremendous tool for emotional and physical pain relief.
  4. Having an incredible vocabulary allows you to better communicate your message. Learn new words everyday.
  5. Have a support system and a safety net.
  6. Re-frame problems and opportunities as a choice.
  7. Try floating, their is no downside.


Resources: – The Tree of Life center mentioned by Dr. Dan – The Grace Grove “AKA” RP Institute center for healing and rejuvenation. – First Enlightenment and then the Laundry – Resource for psychedelics, drugs, and plant based medicine research.


Sponsors: – The fastest growing flotation therapy franchisor in the world. – Manufacturer and distributor of commercial Float Pods. Making custom filter configurations based on your needs.

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