4 Tips for Flawless Floats.

January 19, 2015


Whether it’s your 1st float or your 1000th, little details can make a big positive difference in your session. If you’re not using them already, consider implementing the following “pro-tips” into your float routine.


1. Take a –Warm- Shower

The water in our Float Pods is purposefully heated to match the outside of the temperature of your skin (~93.5 degrees). This temperature is chosen to allow for the least amount of stimulus/distraction to the brain from the sensing of the water. If you’ve floated already, you have likely already experienced the peaceful sensation of feeling at one with the water!

When showering before your float, aim to keep the water warm—but not too hot. Just like swimming pools seem chilly after spending time in a jacuzzi, a scorching shower can make the Float Pod® seem cooler than it is at first.


2. Rinse Earplug-Free Ears

The earplugs we provide for your floats are optional—some clients prefer to go without.  With the high amount of salt in the water, however, it can be an interesting sensation for several days post-float if there is any drying in the ears.

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Though this feeling fades after a couple of days, you can nip this nuisance in the bud by  allowing just a bit of warm water into each ear when showering off after your float. Post float q-tips help, too.

Not interested in ear plugs or wet ears? No problem—there’s an elevating neck pillow in each pod, too.


3. Opt for Airplane Mode

If you’re not already using it, consider putting your phone on “Airplane Mode” while you’re in the spa.

Taking a much needed break from all the stimulus is a large contributor to flotation’s benefits; putting electronics away once at the spa can assist you in relaxing more readily once you enter your pod.  You can help preserve and extend your relaxing experience by taking advantage of this feature until you leave, if you’re able.


4. Exit Mindfully

Every great float must come to an end—you can help ensure it’s a sting-free one by being mindful of how you exit the Float Pod.

Sitting up quickly—especially if the head is angled—allows water to run on the face, and thus, potentially into the eyes. Lift your head and body slowly out of the water and have your towel within reach outside the pod to pat your face dry as soon as you’re able.

We also now provide face towels in each Pod Suite—in case you need to touch your face during a session.


Have any float tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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