What do you give someone who has the hardest job in the world? A break from it all! Floating at True REST removes all distractions — light and sound — even gravity. Sixty minutes of effortless floating allows Mom to reach a peaceful and meditative state: the theta brainwave state. The warm, cradling Float Pod can relieve severe aches and pains, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and supply a much-needed dose of Magnesium. Moms need a break — and we have the perfect solution. Here are three reasons why floating makes […]

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In our modern day society, we’ve become accustomed to doing everything in a fast pace, thinking and moving quickly. Desk jobs and handheld devices force our bodies into an extremely limited range of motion over long periods of time, creating chronic pain in the neck and shoulders. The years of overuse in our day-to-day interactions with modern technology, like our computers and cellphones, has left many us feeling it’s effects on our overall health and well being. On top of that, many of us rarely, if ever, spend an adequate […]

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