True REST would like to say a big “Thank You”—every month—to retired and active U.S Veterans! Beginning September 11th, 2015—and the 11th of each month going forward—all corporate locations and participating franchises (see a list of locations below this post) will be reserving 1 Pod Suite all day for Veterans to float—for free! We would like to thank our Powell, OH and Roseville, CA spas for inspiring and already incorporating this fantastic program into their spas! Please call these locations for details on their own Veterans program. In addition to […]

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True REST is excited to announce the much anticipated opening of our Scottsdale, AZ location—on October 10th! Scottsdale holds a special place in True REST history as it is where our first location originated in 2010, before Nick and Holly Janicki moved the business to Tempe, AZ. As flotation and its benefits become more well known, we are eager and excited to be able to return to where it all began for True REST. True REST Scottsdale features 5 stunning Pod Suites and is located at 70th St and Shea in […]

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Medication seemed, for years, as the singular go-to for “healing” ailments of all kinds—often targeting the symptoms of our discomfort: numbing pain, masking anxiety and “knocking us out” at night. A large majority of our clients have been looking for health and wellness through preventative and natural, holistic means which address the root of pain

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It was a phenomenal first week for the latest True REST—now open in Powell, Ohio! The spa’s soft opening, which was May 10th—Mother’s Day, was a huge success. True REST Powell hit the ground running with appointments booked solid from open to close. No detail was left unconsidered— beautiful furniture, locally sourced tea,  chaise lounges

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Here are a few common comments or concerns we have heard in our spas…if you have an additional question, please leave it as a comment! 1. “I already do this in my bath” Epsom Salt baths are awesome. But, they’re a far cry from float therapy. Even if you do add 1,000 lbs of Epsom

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As a team member of True REST, I especially have no reason to miss my weekly float. But, still there come times where I realize its been several weeks since I entered into the salt-filled oasis of a Float Pod. Its disconcerting, I’m fully aware of how much I love to float—and not just for the experience itself, but for the effects it has on me in the week to follow—mentally, physically and emotionally. I wonder why I so easily skip over spending time doing something I know I value–for […]

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Like many of us, when my life feels its most full and stressful my wellbeing habits tend to be the first thing to slide. Yoga, eating well—and Floating are all apt to fade from my daily rotation. The irony, of course, is that when life feels as such, this is when I need these habits and wellness routines most. I begin to look at those feel-good habits—which are so easy to take for granted (until you stop dong them)—as numbers. Save an hour here, cut 30 minutes here. I marginalize […]

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