Finding Freedom through Floats.

October 18, 2015


Flotation therapy has lots to offer: pain relief, deep relaxation, better sleep, time to ourselves…but these various benefits all stem from one core theme; one key offering:


We can be free from things: the busy rush of life, pain, society, our troubles— or a time—and this escape is found within a Float Pod.

However, floating’s impact is more substantial, stretching beyond freedom from, and also holding the promise of freedom to.

Freedom to rebuild strength and range of motion in the absence of pain, to awake feeling refreshed, to return to life more relaxed and ready to tackle what’s next. Ultimately, the positive effects of floating allow us to show up more as ourselves in the world—having shed the tension, stress and worries that, in the reality of our hectic lives, stand in the way of shining as our true selves.

Floating is the equivalent of pushing a “Reset” button for the body and mind, allowing for release, creating a space in which we can find more freedom.

This refreshment flows into the days and weeks after–we have released, and when we leave the Float Pod there’s no need to pick what we have shed back up again!

In the space of the release found through floating, we find more buffer between the stresses of life and their ability to impact us. We are left with greater space to fill, room for stress to affect us without pushing us over our threshold.

Regularly floating allows us to maintain this balance—the give and take of stress and let go. Considering a Membership with the spa can guarantee that you get the lowest rates and have the opportunity to float at least once per month (they do roll over if you miss a month, however).

Frequently at the spa we hear from clients who haven’t been in recently “wow— I needed that”.

Sometimes you don’t know how much you’ve been carrying until you are able to let it go.

Put well by a recent client: “A lot of things in my life were starting to bubble under my surface in a really bad way….but since my float, this whole week things that usually bug me just haven’t. The guys at work say things, and I just laugh..”

We aren’t our stress, we aren’t the pain we feel and we certainly aren’t our worries.

It’s incredible what 60 minutes in a Float Pod can do for these common ailments, allowing us to fully release them, shedding what isn’t really ours—potentially for the first time.

Floating and the benefits it offers builds on each session, clearing space for greater experiences of freedom where we have already begun.

Many opportunities in life offer us an escape, a glimpse of freedom, but floating’s impact “sticks” and offers cumulative well being. At True REST it’s a blessing to witness clients’ transformation and healing through all of floating’s benefits, but the powerful common denominator of these is simple:

freedom—found in the science of feeling great.

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