Reclaim Your Body’s Power.

December 2, 2015


Medication seemed, for years, as the singular go-to for “healing” ailments of all kinds—often targeting the symptoms of our discomfort: numbing pain, masking anxiety and “knocking us out” at night.

A large majority of our clients have been looking for health and wellness through preventative and natural, holistic means which address the root of pain or other dis-ease.

Holistic therapies believe that wellness isn’t just being free of symptoms, but is just as powerful—a vibrant state all its own, in the opposite direction of illness.

This isn’t an article bashing traditional medicine, rather, it exists to encourage integrating therapies that treat the root of a body’s imbalance and pain—such as flotation.  

One of the great aspects of floating is that it can almost always be used in conjunction with traditional, Western medicine. Kidney disease is one of very few contraindications for the therapy. Though you should always consult any doctors you might be seeing, flotation typically only enhances existing treatments.

Empowerment and healing don’t always come in the same sentence. But floating and other natural therapies do just this—give you the power.

Floating doesn’t heal you, it provides an environment in which your body is able to heal itself.

The deep state of relaxation and counterbalanced gravity possible in the Float Pod allows the body the tools it needs to reset it’s own rhythms. Improving sleep, strengthening the immune system, allowing hormones to balance, letting the spine and body decompress and allowing the brain to release it’s own pain-relievers are all made possible in this state.

Rather than putting the task of fixing or healing on an outside object, floats support your body in doing what, in the proper conditions, it does best: begin to heal itself.

It’s my opinion that we need more trust in our bodies and greater awareness of their massive potential—whether we are healthy or ill, the body is constantly doing a myriad of things beyond our conscious recognition. Breathe, heart beat, detoxification and more quietly sustain us.

The body holds a wisdom and necessity that might know best when it comes to moving towards vibrant well being.

We so easily touch our active peak; if we stay in this active mode too long we eventually find it wearing us out, weakening our immune system, and culminating stress.It is less often that we “see” productivity in touching the opposite poles: restoring the body and energy and releasing gathered stress.

Why is that? I don’t know about you, but I can easily fall into a habit of being achievement oriented—becoming driven by what appears to create more, sometimes forgetting that half the puzzle is letting go.

We or someone we know has surely experienced burn out, sickness from stress…we have the visible proof in our own lives that ceaseless drive with no pause to fill up is not the key to well being and happiness.

Perhaps the common neglect of real relaxation also results because this state and it’s effects are often invisible to the outside—for they are happening from within.

Yet, floating’s effects inevitably impact our active lives, too. The weeks I feel too busy for a float are, without a doubt, also the weeks I need one most.

And, what would you know: after taking a quality break from it all, I return invigorated, with fresh insights to my work. My priorities seem more evident, as if I’ve left behind the little things that don’t actually matter.

Come see for yourself the effect this empowering therapy can have; every float counts, but for sustained results make the time for yourself to regularly be empowered and restored.

If it’s wrong to feel great, we don’t want to be right.

Have you floated yet? Contact your local True REST or book online, here.

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