True REST is excited to announce the much anticipated opening of our Scottsdale, AZ location—on October 8th! Scottsdale holds a special place in True REST history as it is where our first location originated in 2010, before Nick and Holly Janicki moved the business to Tempe, AZ. Almost done—the True REST Scottsdale store front at 70th St and Shea.   As flotation and its benefits become more well known,
Most of us are pretty dang busy—we talk about it all the time! Inevitably living full-speed ahead eventually begins to feel tiring and draining. This low energy isn’t a failure, it’s the natural way of things: we ebb and we flow, we pour out and then find ourselves in need of filling up. Life moves in cycles, just like the hands of a clock as they circle us through the day. Coffee and energy drinks can gi
Photo Credit: Steven Pisano on Flickr I floated again yesterday, this time for an hour. One reason I love to float is that I get to lose my pain. Not only for the length of the float, but for days after. As you get older, one of the things you notice is that things start to hurt. The hurt can be nothing big, just a series of small aches and pains. It’s most noticeable when you first get up in the morning, or the
Whether it’s your 1st float or your 1000th, little details can make a big positive difference in your session. If you’re not using them already, consider implementing the following “pro-tips” into your float routine.   1. Take a –Warm- Shower The water in our Float Pods is purposefully heated to match the outside of the temperature of your skin (~93.5 degrees). This temperature
True REST would like to say a big “Thank You”—every month—to retired and active U.S Veterans! Beginning September 11th, 2015—and the 11th of each month going forward—all corporate locations and participating franchises (see a list of locations below this post) will be reserving 1 Pod Suite all day for Veterans to float—for free! Run temperatures when abnormal cells multiply; out how to 17 app