Recharge Your Batteries with a Float!

January 31, 2015


Most of us are pretty dang busy—we talk about it all the time!

Inevitably living full-speed ahead eventually begins to feel tiring and draining. This low energy isn’t a failure, it’s the natural way of things: we ebb and we flow, we pour out and then find ourselves in need of filling up.

Life moves in cycles, just like the hands of a clock as they circle us through the day.

Coffee and energy drinks can give us a quick boost of stimulus—not energy. Through the stress response these beverages create in our bodies we feel a short term boost, but find ourselves with less energy than before a few hours later.

When we’re feeling low energy the most effective solution might be a move in the opposite direction: not an increase of stimulus, but a decrease.

Choosing to embrace our body and mind’s inclination to rest and relax, rather than fighting against it can make all the difference.

Our bodies have wisdom: we let them control our heartbeat, breathing and other involuntary functions we are able to forget about. Maybe when we feel the need to restore, body knows best!

REST (Restricted environmental stimulus therapy) is an unparalleled therapy to reset your batteries. Removing the bombardment that is constantly assaulting our senses allows the brain and body to relax together, simultaneously.

Defying gravity as one does in a Float Pod means releasing the pressure and compression that is otherwise a continuous reality on our bodes and brains (which dedicate much energy to compensating for the powerful force.)

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In 60 minutes in a Float Pod brainwaves slow (ushering in deep relaxation) and tension and stress gently melt away. Endorphins, your body’s own feel-good pain killers are released: the cherry on top of an already restorative experience.

Dedicating time to allow stress and tension—both physical and mental—to be shed means hitting our own reset button and returning to equilibrium physically and mentally.

From this “filling up” we are able to proceed more energetically and effectively into our active lives.

Rather than fight the flow, try a different approach: float into it.

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