A Recipe for Feeling Great.

October 5, 2015
True REST is The Science of Feeling Great—most of us could probably agree that “Great” is something we want to feel, but what does it mean—and how do floats take us there?


Consider that feeling great might not be about addition.  Entertain the idea that it may just be a subtraction game.
I find great comfort in that: “Phew, I don’t need to gain anything, just release what’s weighing me down. “


Floating, after all, doesn’t give you anything—rather, it allows you to take away—stimulus, gravity, tension, stress, the outside world— and that, is what makes all the difference.


The idea of letting go of our worldly obligations, expectations and anxieties for 60 minutes  is a rare commodity these days. In an age of hyper connection, an hour of disconnection is a rare and necessary gift.


Beyond being uniquely all its own, floating is also the ideal technology for this connected age, as it provides the most efficient route to total relaxation available, a state which allows for the most significant pain, stress relief and healing to occur.


We’re always stimulated, we’re always facing gravity—we can float in our pools, yes, but  the experience is far different—we’re still exerting physical effort, our mind’s and mental alert systems remain in high gear—we are still in and of the busy bustling world.


A Float Pod is your own personal oasis away from it all—with 1,000 lbs of Epsom Salts in just 10 inches of water, even the weight of the body falls away—making for an hour that feels more like floating on a cloud.


In the float industry, we often joke that we are in the business of “nothing”. Those who float come to understand the irony and poignancy of this term, what may at first sound like “emptiness” is really “openness”.


Openness, in a very basic way, is a synonym for freedom.


And freedom feels great.


Floating offers a pathway to greater openness and freedom—through the release of pain, stress and tension. In the wake of reduced pain, there is freedom to enhance our mobility, feel better and forget what may have been a constant in our lives.
Shedding stress and tension, less stands between us and our ability to show up more present and as our most vibrant selves.


So, what is the recipe for feeling great? It may require less ingredients than you think. To feel great, do more of what makes you feel, well…great! After all, when we feel better, life is inherently more so.


What feels great to you? For me, it’s feeling more myself, less clouded by the stresses and tensions we all inevitably accumulate—and floating is my simple, yet powerful tool of choice that allows me to experience more greatness.


Have you floated yet? Find the nearest True REST to you, here.

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