August 31, 2015

Episode 6: Adam Trombly recalls stories of Dr. John C. Lilly

Adam Trombly recalls his adventures with his good friend, Dr. John C. Lilly – the inventor of flotation therapy. Adam is an internationally acknowledged expert in the fields of Physics, Atmospheric Dynamics, Geophysics, Rotating and Resonating Electromagnetic Systems, and Environmental Global Modeling.

Taking the advice of his friend and mentor, R. Buckminster Fuller, Adam has maintained a “synergistic, global view” within a multidisciplinary scientific background. From this perspective, Adam offers unique insights into the changes humankind has effected on our environment, and the adjustments our future requires of us now.

adam trombly

Adam Trombly and Nick Janicki

Time Stamped Bullet Points:

  • 01:59 – Adam talks about his background as a scientist and Project Earth with R. Buckminster Fuller and consciousness exploration.
  • 04:10 – Adam talks about John C. Lilly’s introspective and self critical analysis of self.
  • 04:40 – Dr. Lilly had a unique vista of reality and this caught Adam’s attention.
  • 05:35 – Adam made a wish to meet and share company with the top scientists in the world, whom “were rigorous, though not suffering from rigamortis.”
  • 06:30 – Adam discusses being a causal participant of reality.
  • 07:50 – Dr. Lilly lost his “conventional mind and orientation and he was a genius to start out with”.
  • 08:15 – Adam talks about meeting John Lilly at a conference in 1989.
  • 09:10 – Adam recalls Dr. Lilly’s memorable introduction at the conference.
  • 09:50 – Adam discusses his demonstration of 54X power output versus input.
  • 10:48 – United Nations presentation.
  • 12:30 – Solid state power device is discussed in more detail.
  • 14:00 – Top head’s of Wall Street attended the demonstration as well as Chuck Clark, senior engineer with Boeing.
  • 15:30 – Adam meets John Lilly after demonstration.
  • 17:07 – Adam makes his way to John Lilly’s house in 1991 for the ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office) expo.
  • 17:48 – By 1991 Adam was in late stage 4 of cancer and was given 2 to 4 months to live.
  • 19:00 – Adam’s daughter has vivid vision of him helping put out Kuwaiti oil fires.
  • 20:12 – Adam taught his daughter that love is the most powerful power of all powers. They make a prayer together.
  • 20:49 – John Lilly comes out of a deep meditation and tells Adam he isn’t going to die as he has too much work to do.
  • 21:40 – The doorbell rings at John Lilly’s home and a pathologist is at the door.
  • 22:35 – The pathologist said he was sitting in meditation and was told to come to John Lilly’s house and bring his medical bag, which was full of ketamine.
  • 24:30 – Pathologist injects Adam’s cancerous tumors with ketamine on John Lilly’s floor.
  • 24:40 – Structures and Silence is played by Peter Rosch.
  • 25:00 – Adam explains first ketamine experience as a death experience. “You are convinced you just died.”
  • 26:25 – Adam discusses his Out of Body “OBE” experience with two astral beings.
  • 27:00 – Visited Kuwaiti oil fields during OBE.
  • 28:28 – Cancer killed off enough and put into regression for 4 years, from 1991 to 1994.
  • 31:10 – Adam Trombly has had amazing mentors.
  • 32:45 – The tank allows you to fundamentally relax.
  • 33:28: Enhancing the environment will help augment and induce states of consciousness and effortlessly relax.
  • 34:07 – Adam discusses the esoteric meaning of the seamless garment.
  • 34:45 – John Lilly recalls photographic nature of his memory at a time when he was dismissed by people as a whole.
  • 37:30 – The divine isn’t somebody, somewhere else.
  • 38:00 – Floating is an amniotic environment.
  • 39:20 – Adam discuss the evolution on the float tank environment.
  • 39:54 – “You’re going to relax more than you ever have relaxed before, you are. That is the nature of floating.”
  • 40:03 –  The blessing of floating is the enhancement and the augmentation of the realization that it isn’t through effort that we become conjoined to the divine, it’s through relaxation.
  • 40:30 – Adam Trombly and John Lilly had a lot of journey’s together.
  • 41:25 – We have as a species denied our connection in a state of dissociated awareness.
  • 42:25 – We need as many people to wake up as possible. Waking up is about profound relaxation.
  • 43:00 – Adam discussing sentient behavior in molecules.
  • 44:00 – Floating is an important technology.
  • 44:30 – Need to get Float centers into Washington D.C. and have people connect with their true nature.
  • 45:55 – Conscious participation is about listening.
  • 46:25 – Adam is impressed with how Float Pod and team has listened and is perfecting technology.

Key Points:

1) Keep a global view and perspective.

2) Be a casual participant of reality; Conscious participation is about listening.

3) Love is the most powerful power of all powers.

4) The first step on the path to wisdom is in the confessions of ignorance.

5) The divine isn’t somebody, somewhere else.

6) You’re going to relax more than you ever have relaxed. before, that is the nature of floating.


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2) – About Peter Rosch.

3) #WhyWeFloat and tell us your story of why you float. Prize announcement coming soon…

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