10 Years Later: A Decade of True REST Float Spa

December 9, 2019

The year 2020 is just ahead of us – can you believe it? This marks our 10th salty year of growing our floating family at True REST.

Founded by Nick and Holly Janicki, the first location was actually built in Scottsdale in 2010, before moving south to the Tempe neighborhood in 2012. This marked the beginning of crafting our own unique Float Pods, and soon after, our first franchise location in 2015. In the last five years, we’ve opened over 35 locations with an incredible group that we call family.

Nick and Holly still float regularly to this day ­– see them pictured at their home spa just this week:

The True REST mission has always been to provide the highest
quality flotation therapy experience, and to ensure that everyone has access to
its miraculous benefits. We set a goal early on that we would be the first
brand in the world to facilitate 1,000,000 floats. As we round out the end of
this year, we’re proud to announce that we’ve provided just over 500,000 floats
across the country. We’re half way there! (Cue “Living on a Prayer”).

So where do we go from here?

We’re on our way to opening another 50+ locations over the next few years.
Expect to see us in Dallas, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Pensacola, Palm
Beach, and Dayton within the next year.

After 4 years of dedicated research, we just completed our
Round Pod design – and it’s exclusive to True REST. With a large sliding door,
open float capability and enhanced sound, read more about the new technology

We’re also developing a set of new float
programs to further enhance your float and provide options to those that may be
looking for something other than complete REST. (Reduced environmental stimulus
therapy). These programs include musical sound healing, live meditations, and
dedicated curriculums for creativity, better sleep, and deep relaxation. Ask
your local True REST about the programs available with our monthly membership.

The list goes on! We just announced a recent partnership with Defiance Fuel and
their athletic team. Available free to our members, Defiance Fuel is
a patented, clinically tested, premium structured water that is the result of
over 25 years of research and development. By reverse engineering and
stabilizing one of the most healing, naturally occurring water processes on the
planet, Defiance Fuel has created the next level of hydration.

After 10 years of optimizing the float experience, we’re looking forward to
stepping into the next generation of float therapy. We strive to keep our spas
clean, friendly, accessible, and as a space of deep peaceful healing for the
community. True REST Float Spas are here for you to reach your absolute highest
potential – and it’s only just the beginning. 

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