8 full hours of sleep. It is ever elusive but mandatory. Seemingly impossible or even worse, unnecessary. People claim to need less sleep as they get older, but they aren’t sleep experts. Adequate restoration isn’t achieved from inadequate sleep. Like our iPhones when half charged, we operate more effectively fully charged. Without adequate sleep our bodies do not function at homeostasis. This results in an a
Pregnancy can be one of the most special and meaningful experiences in a couple’s life together. You are bringing new life into the world and are stepping into a new role as parent and guardian for your little one. For the woman, not only are you growing a human life inside your body, you are probably also experiencing sensations unlike anything you’ve felt beforehand! Often towards the end of pregnancy, th
What do you give someone who has the hardest job in the world? A break from it all! Floating at True REST removes all distractions — light and sound — even gravity. Sixty minutes of effortless floating allows Mom to reach a peaceful and meditative state: the theta brainwave state. The warm, cradling Float Pod can relieve severe aches and pains, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and supply a much-neede
In our modern day society, we’ve become accustomed to doing everything in a fast pace, thinking and moving quickly. Desk jobs and handheld devices force our bodies into an extremely limited range of motion over long periods of time, creating chronic pain in the neck and shoulders. The years of overuse in our day-to-day interactions with modern technology, like our computers and cellphones, has left many us feelin
Sleeping While Floating You fall asleep at the movies, you miss out. You fall asleep at sporting events, you can probably sleep through anything, and you also miss out. You fall asleep while you float… you might actually not be missing out at all! According to a recent True REST poll, 80% of clients surveyed, have fallen asleep in the pod.   Music On or Music Off? Float Pods offer the option to have music off
You have your gym membership, tanning membership, Netflix membership, you may even have a wine delivery membership. So why, when you can buy one at a time or even in packages, would you add a flotation therapy membership?   Accountability and Wellness Commitment When you pay for a service one at a time or even in packages you tend to be less committed. When utilizing a monthly membership at any level, you are
True REST Float Spa locations opened their doors on November 11th, 2017 with the goal to completely book every pod full of veterans in honor of Veterans Day. Thanks to the overwhelming community support, over 800 free floats were provided to veterans across the twenty-two True REST Float Spas in the country. Leading up to Veterans Day, True REST held their One for One Challenge in which True REST donated a float t
There have been over 185,000 floats at True REST across the country in under a decade. That is a lot of people just like you who have thoughts on True REST. Instead of hearing more about what we have to say, this time we want to hear what YOU had to say. From Yelp to Instagram to Facebook, below is a collection of thoughts over 2017 that share why our clients are thankful for floating!   I am thankful for floa
  The weather cools down, lines at Party City reach an all-time high, pumpkins magically appear at every establishment, and the USA seems focused on the famous line “Trick or Treat!” While there are ideally more treats given than tricks played this month, we are focusing in October on the Tricks and Treats of Floating! To many who have never floated, it may seem like a trick to hear that flotation therapy
  Floating sounds great, it’s effortless, right? You strip down, step in, slide back, and BAM- peace. It’s a great idea but perhaps easier said than done. Your first float, maybe your first few, even regular floating, may not be effortless. It takes practice and it can be discouraging to think it should be effortless. While floating itself can be effortless (the 1,000 pounds of salt helps do that), calming