Mandy Rowe Joins the Pillars of Franchising Podcast to Discuss Float Spa Franchising

December 21, 2021

True REST Float Spa’s director of franchising, Mandy Rowe, sat down for a live-streamed episode of the Pillars of Franchising podcast to discuss float therapy and the experience of owning a float spa franchise. She answers live audience questions and shares what inspired her health and wellness industry journey. Mandy’s experience as a holistic therapy industry liaison and member of the Float Tank Association makes her not only a great expert in the field of float therapy but integral to fostering the success of each True REST Float Spa franchise.

Mandy initially became involved with True REST Float Spa after learning how float therapy helped a family friend and former Navy Seal ease his PTSD and anxiety. Through more research, she discovered float therapy was practiced by many Navy Seals on their military base to alleviate symptoms of PTSD and insomnia and to encourage advanced language learning.

When Rowe decided to test out the holistic therapy herself, she found the nearest public float pod was over 500 miles away in Arizona, lighting the spark to working in franchising. Her passion for empowering entrepreneurs and sharing the benefits of float therapy has been crucial to making True REST Float Spa the world’s largest float therapy brand. 

Float therapy is a transformative experience for anyone that enters the doors at one of the 38 True REST Float Spa locations nationwide. Each guest leaves in a better mood, almost a quarter cry from pure joy, and a few tell Mandy of the visions they had while in the dream-like state the practice induces. Guests enter an entirely customizable experience when they float on top 10 inches of water mixed with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts

True REST Float Spa is changing how franchising works through its nine-day, hands-on program. Franchisees begin their journey as a part of the True REST family at a three-day True REST University training where they learn all about float therapy, how the systems works and what to expect. They also receive training to understand and answer critical questions about the holistic therapy, such as maintaining the pH balance of the float pod’s water.

Once franchise owners are ready to bring in their float pods to their location, they travel down to Austin, Texas, to learn one-on-one with Mandy and the team at one of her 4 corporate spas. Then, when the new location is ready for a soft opening, the corporate team ensures the franchise’s success by providing on-site training and support. True REST is dedicated to being a partner and a support system to all franchisees, ensuring each has the assistance they need to succeed. 

Mandy also discusses floating as a holistic therapy in-depth, with topics including:

  • True REST’s University Training and franchising program
  • How True REST Float Spa continues to honor veterans
  • The benefits of float therapy
  • What is required to start a True REST Float Spa franchise
  • The top three things potential franchisees should do
  • How True REST Float Spa thrived during COVID-19

The Pillars of Franchising podcast with Mandy is available to listen to on FacebookAppleGoogleSpotify and YouTube. The episode is also available at

For more information on True REST Float Spa, visit Potential franchisees can find information about franchising opportunities at Individuals interested in experiencing the benefits of float therapy for the first time can learn more in the True REST beginner’s guide. To find the nearest location and book an appointment, visit

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