What do dads across the United States have in common? Stress. Whether dad is a weekend warrior, a competitive athlete or a busy executive, stress seems to be the common denominator. Even dads need a serious REST every now and then. From June 1-16, True REST Float Spa is offering a buy one, get one free gift card that will give customers two visits for the price of one, #FloatDad. (*at participating locations o
You probably know a Dad or two who could use a break. The ones that work hard taking care of just about everyone else but themselves. Sometimes, the beloved men in our life don’t carve out the time to prioritize themselves and their relaxation. A Float Spa is a perfect 1-hour getaway to a zero gravity, zero-distraction environment, helping him substantially reduce stress, relieve physical pain, and get better sle
Armed with fresh ways of thinking and a different approach to work, Millennials have come of age as entrepreneurs. For this Gen Y set—primed to be the next face of franchising—True REST Float Spa stands ready as a leading brand and the perfect franchise fit. Pioneered by a neurologist in the 1950s, float therapy can thank tech-savvy Millennials for its mainstream move as a modern healing modality. The concept
“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear” – Rumi People say the last frontier is a mastery of the mechanics of the mind and I couldn’t agree more with that statement. We are just beginning to crack the surface of the depth that is the human mind and the consciousness that illuminates it. That’s what gets me excited for the future. Here in the present, a majority of global societies face a
You always remember the first time you try something new. The feeling of excitement and nervousness all tied into one can leave its mark on you. The first time you float will be one of those memories you’ll never want to forget. Maybe you heard about it through a friend, or through a publication of some kind, or maybe you’ve had an interest but haven’t had the chance to try it out yet. Whatever the reason is
If your computer slows down because too many browser tabs are open, you’ve got to close it down and reboot it for a fresh start. When your WiFi router starts to lose signal, the first step we take to troubleshoot is to reset it. Nearly any device in our modern world starts working again after it’s been completely unplugged, given a chance to rest, and turned back on. We’re no different. In order for us to op
Fibromyalgia is a chronic disorder that affects the muscles, joints, and soft tissue. It’s very painful and affects just about every aspect of daily living. Our clients with fibromyalgia state that they’ve often tried just about every therapy and alternative solution they’ve come across before finding floating. Some are reluctant to think that simply floating for one hour would have any impact on their sympto
The words “self care” are often paired with rest, relaxation, and meditation but the truth is, it’s often hard to find ourselves really allowing that deep rest to naturally happen. Think on this. When was the last time you rested in complete darkness, completely weightless, without any movement for a full hour? My guess is that it probably wasn’t as recent as it should’ve been to keep you in an optimal st
The float therapy or float tank industry has seen tremendous growth over the last three years. After the March 17 episode of ABC’s “Shark Tank,” True REST Float Spa is seeing a large uptick in franchise interest. True REST Float Spa is the industry’s largest float spa brand and has the largest franchise foot print with over 70 awarded locations, including 32 open locations and another 15 opening this year.
When I was 18, I had my first panic attack. I had experienced anxiety before but never anything that came close to a panic attack, let alone one that would completely take over my physical body. I’ll never forget the day when it happened—how my joints locked up, how I completely lost my vision and how I could feel my chest tightening so much that my heartbeat was pulsating up into my temples. This was something