How Float Pods Provide a Solution for Sleep

February 11, 2022

Sleep is a necessary part of life. The process allows our bodies to rest and prepare for the next day. Without it, the body functions at a lower level, reducing necessary cognitive skills—after all, your brain is responsible for telling your entire system what to do. The average person will spend more than one-third of their lifetime sleeping. However, falling and staying asleep is not easy for many and finding a solution for sleep and restless nights is difficult. 

Why Solutions for Sleep are Needed

Doctors recommend that the average adult gets at least seven hours of sleep each night to fully realize the benefits of resting. Studies show that sleep is vital for increasing productivity, concentration, athleticism and social intelligence. Though adults and children struggle with sleep disorders, like insomnia, interrupting a good night’s rest.

Stress, anxiety and trauma are common reasons people fail to sleep properly, as the body resorts to releasing excess amounts of Cortisol. This hormone triggers our fight or flight response and comes from the body’s hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which plays a part in our ability or inability to sleep. 

An interrupted night of sleep for a recommended amount of time is proven to relieve stress. Solutions for sleep can be hard to find, and resistance to sleep does not often appear until night. Some solutions to stress include changing your diet to include more fruits and vegetables and trying stress management techniques.

How Float Therapy Works as a Solution for Sleep

A wide range of medications, routines, and techniques are available as solutions for sleep by regulating sleeping patterns, but the options can be overwhelming. Sleep is essential to our functionality, so it can be frustrating when one solution doesn’t work.

However, one option is float therapy for sleep that focuses on REST, restricted environmental stimulation therapy. It eliminates any external distractions using float pods. The unique practice offers a solution for sleep without ever needing to fall asleep. Each 60-minute session allows users to experience a meditative and gravity-free state that mimics the same regenerative process as sleep. Members can enter into a dream-like state—the theta brain wave state—during deep relaxation that leaves them relaxed and energized for the tasks ahead.

While float therapy is not a replacement for sleep, guests have credited it as a solution for regulating their sleeping patterns. Each float pod’s calm and dark atmosphere creates a place for individuals to receive some much-needed sleep later that evening, even if they stay awake during the experience. The benefits of flotation therapy continue to exist outside the float pod as the body destresses and is reset, ready for more rest.

A Solution for Sleep Disorders

Insomnia is a sleep disorder correlated with stress that keeps people from falling and staying asleep. An estimated 10 to 30% of adults experience insomnia each year, inhibiting them from experiencing a normal sleep cycle.

Float Therapy is a solution for sleep disorders like insomnia because of its stress-relieving properties and deep state of relaxation. The relaxing environment allows individuals to focus on their mind and body rather than the pressures that keep them from falling asleep at night. Floating allows the body to deactivate the flight or fight response, lower the heart rate, find calmness and remove tension, stress and anxiety that prohibits the mind from completely shutting off.

Every float therapy experience at True REST Float Spa is a regenerative experience. Guests enter the float pod and rest on top of a solution of water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts. Members have complete control of the experience, from lighting to any music they want to play. The benefits expand beyond just sleep solutions, helping the body recover from physical pain and other mental health conditions.

Experience the deep relaxation and solution for sleep that is available at True REST Float Spa. Over 39 locations in the United States are waiting to help you find a new way to get better sleep and overcome sleep disorders. Please visit to find a True REST Float Spa location near you and book a float therapy appointment.

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